Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Floating Rangoli Decor and Sweets for Diwali at Home

Best time to build a tranquil environment at home. Diwali, with 2 -3 candle lit lamps , floating floral design in nicely designed clay terracotta pot.  Lovely experience at home. 

Add fragnance to the pot water and aroma of flavours like vanilla should fill into the air. Say 'Bon Apetite' and have a dish filled with Glab Jamun nearby. 

Add few drops of Gulab Jal , into the syrup of Gulab Jamun . You will feel WoW , when you taste.

Decor of this kind gives classy look to your home. 

Diwali is best ocassion to decor the room like this.  Though you can do it in any season when you feel romantic and enjoy the evenings. 

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