Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Floating Rangoli Decor and Sweets for Diwali at Home

Best time to build a tranquil environment at home. Diwali, with 2 -3 candle lit lamps , floating floral design in nicely designed clay terracotta pot.  Lovely experience at home. 

Add fragnance to the pot water and aroma of flavours like vanilla should fill into the air. Say 'Bon Apetite' and have a dish filled with Glab Jamun nearby. 

Add few drops of Gulab Jal , into the syrup of Gulab Jamun . You will feel WoW , when you taste.

Decor of this kind gives classy look to your home. 

Diwali is best ocassion to decor the room like this.  Though you can do it in any season when you feel romantic and enjoy the evenings. 

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Diya for Diwali as a Gift

Its Diwali time now. You will be busy shopping for friends, family members. If you are in Bangalore , then you can get good gift articles liek Diya packs, Dry Fruits and Cadbury packs for family members.

To manage your expenses and still use Gifts which are less expensive, I am sharing some pictures here.

When you buy these terracotta Lamps or Diyas , you create employment for women and give more employment to Indian people who live in Rural area.

To order , please write back to me using my email shared in this blog.

Also visit facebook page at facebook.com/sanskruti.artist

Friday, September 27, 2013

Door Decor -Toran -Colorful designs

I have few hand crafted Toran ( Door Decor ), which people hang outside the doors, as auspicious begining of good time.  Some of the pictures will give you an Idea about what is it all about.

These are specially made by the artists for my needs. I can provide you some samples and also ship some of these for your Gift requirements.

These are made with Wooden or Acrylic base.  Wooden base Toran will be less expensive by 10%-15% than the Acrylic based designs.  I will share some more pictures in my next post .

Floating Rangoli with LED Lights

We offer a Floating Rangoli Decor with lights (LED) , which is a good  article for Diwali at home.
This article can be placed in homes, shops, malls and can attract children of all age. 
 Ideal to gift it to your friends and family members alike.

At home, this Floating Rangoli with Diya in the middle , can also be used as a nice way to keep small children busy. They will be amused with the blinking, flashing lights in random sequence. Very beautiful piece for festival time.

Floating Rangoli with LED lights have Kundan work -colorful designs, Place for placing a Diya or wax based candle lamp in the centre.
Packing : 
Each item is packed safely in am acrylic based container and can be shipped as a Gift anywhere across the world.

Special  Gift items are designed by combining work from Handicraft team, Machine cut floating base and
electronics which  works with 9V battery.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Floating Rangoli with Diya

Floating Rangoli with Diya can be a perfect gift from you to friends and family you visit. Here are the pictures.

You can buy these from my website or facebook page by placing an order. Write back to me in comments which has your name or contact number to get the information on price.
These come in a box, packed with excellent quality. You will get different packets with unique designs. For corporate orders , you can reach out to me at

Friday, September 6, 2013

Table Rangoli Art pieces from Rajasthan

Festival times are back again. We celebrate Ganesh Chaturthi on 9th Sep 2013. In most of the communities in India, the festival of Lord Ganesha's Birth is celebrated for more than 10 days.  Days are filled with Pooja, lots of sweets and prayers for the Lord Ganesha.

Visitors are greeted with warm welcome. Doors are decorated with Toran made of flowers or fresh mango tree leaves. Rangoli is used to decorate floor in front of main door.

I was looking out for some good decorative pieces to be used inside the home. Here are few pictures for readers on what I found here.

Found these art pieces as very beautiful and well crafted. When I found these, could not resist sharing these with all of you.
I shall share some more pictures in my next post.

Till then kip in touch and keep visiting this blog.